Living and working out of San Francisco for the last 15 years we have seen constant change. A steady flow of opportunities, projects leading to contracts, leading to employment. That adds up to lots of accumulated skill sets, co-workers, and a rather eclectic and impressive collection of projects and clients.

To create is to fill emptiness with inspiration, and to then follow that inspiration with craftsmanship


Below are examples of work Chris Schmidt has been responsible for as team leader, either as CEO, CPO, or Director.

Chris Schmidt Co-Founded and was CEO of Pixt from 2010-2013, bringing in investors and building the breakthrough Pixt social sharing platform.


Social Content Company

While at Method as Senior Strategist Chris led the citizen journalist effort for CNN. This exploration led to CNN’s IReports.


News To Me

For the angel funded startup, DoWhatYouDo Chris lead concepting, wireframing and Design. DoWhatYouDo was the first social calendar that broke down activities by WHO, WHERE, and WHAT your interests are, allowing users to focus on friends and convenience first.

Do What You Do

Social Calendar

When the wine and liquor brand Diageo bought Rosenblum Cellars they brought in Groove11 to rebrand. Chris led the site UI/UX, and Design.


Rosenblum Cellars

LafLife started with a Sense of Humor Analysis Algorithm. Chris was brought it to build an adaptive mobile, tablet, web platform that would showcase the social and content possibilities of Sense of Humor.


Sense of Humor Analysis

What We Do

Building, whether with Lego, or some wood, building a house, a studio, or now with the team building an idea into a product that people find enjoyment in, that is what gets us out of bed in the morning. For fun lets talk about ideas, and for work lets make them real.



When all is said and done the only thing that matters is what you can get done in the limited time you have. To succeed you need to get people in motion, following a process, and communicating with users.

At Occo we do this, then do it again.

Chris’s last few gigs have been as Sr. Strategist at Method, Founder and CEO of Pixt, and Chief Product Officer of LafLife.

Check out a video below of the innovation and interface of Pixt.

Make work fun

It's hard to make enjoyable products if you are not having fun making them. Having worked at both Lego and LeapFrog I have learned that you happy workers make delightful products.

Work hard

Related to fun work is hard work. To be an entrepreneur means you will work hard. That is partly what makes work fun.

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